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Hare-Yama Ryu is grateful to:

Yamaguchi Goshi Saiko Shihan for his haiku and other insights into Japanese Culture
Peter Brandon Shihan for his mentorship and teaching

Friends met through various Flower Clubs, especially Floral Trends, for all their guidance and inspiration

The Country Craft Market in Somerset West for giving us a window to the art and craft world

Reyno Scheepers for the information on the history of the Helderberg

Deena Naidu Kancho for his friendship, special insights and inspirations

Yoshihama Ryoka for translating our Dojo Kun into Japanese

Tony Holroyd for his invaluable advice and support and for assisting with the karate photos

The members of Hare-Yama Ryu for giving us a reason

Haiku contributors as named with their contributions - other haiku from Hare-Yama Ryu

Countless great minds who gave life to these art forms and philosophies


All photos are of the work of Hare-Yama Ryu

All text, drawings and caligraphy are the work of Hare-Yama Ryu unless otherwise specified

All material in this website remains the copyright of Hare-Yama Ryu



This website was designed and constructed by Hare-Yama Ryu

Regular updating is done by Hare-Yama Ryu





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