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Goshin-Kan founder visits South Africa

and the Hare-Yama Ryu Karate-do Dojo - 2005

"The essence of Karate-do is self defence. We do this by controlling the mind through discipline and to train physically with our maximum focus. The art comes from the heart of those who created it and to the heart of those who need it."


These are the words of Deena Naidu Kancho, founder and head of The International Goshin Kai. During his recent visit to the Hare-Yama Dojo in Somerset West, he conducted training sessions and a seminar showing the karate-ka of the Dojo some of the traditional training methods of Goju-Ryu as taught by Yamaguchi Gogen Sensei, founder of Japanese Goju Ryu. He is accompanied on his tour of South Africa by his son Nidan Meshan Naidu.


Deena Naidu Kancho is a graduate of the Japan Karate-do College where he trained under the renowned Gogen Yamaguchi Sensei. Gogen Sensei instilled in him a love and deep respect for the traditional values of karate-do. After his graduation, Gogen Sensei identified Deena Naidu Kancho as one of very few graduates of the College who shared Gogen Sensei's understanding of the real intent of karate-do. Gogen Sensei asked him to help karate-ka to learn the art for its intended purpose, and not as a means of self glorification. With this motivation, Deena Naidu Kancho has continued to teach karate-do in a way that is true to the teaching of his master.


He moved to Australia in 1981 where he started his own karate school. He remained a member of the Yamaguchi Goju-Kai until 1989, but after the death of his teacher, Gogen Sensei, he chose to follow his own path. He believed that the original teaching methods and systems of Gogen Sensei were being lost and he undertook to run his karate-do school, Goshin Kan, outside the influence of the mainstream organisations, and in a way that was true to the karate-do of his teacher.


During his visit to the Hare-Yama Ryu Dojo, he shared with the karate-ka, much of what he had learned from Gogen Sensei. The Goshin Kai training system follows that of Gogen Sensei and addresses all aspect of the development of the person. While self defence remains the focus, the teaching methods ensure that the full spectrum of the art is covered. The students of the Dojo were enthralled by the variety of interesting training forms they learned, and the new insights into the application of many techniques.


After communicating with the Dojo over recent years, Deena Naidu Kancho recognised in this Dojo their respect for traditional karate-do. His visit to the Dojo was aimed at passing on the original teachings of Gogen Sensei. This has provided much inspiration for the Dojo and instructor Stan Holroyd Shihan, who looks forward to further visits and much more shared knowledge of karate-do. During his visit to South Africa, Deena Naidu Kancho will also be conducting training course for instructors, and seminars at other Dojo in other centres.





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Kancho in kimono     Kancho head




Group photos



Kancho with dans  Kancho with Nidan Meshan and Stan Shihan  Kancho with Stan Shihan


Kancho with senior training  Kancho with seniors  Kancho with seminar group




Warmup time



Kancho in circle  Others in circle


wheelbarrrows  jumping arms  a little help from Shihan




Training at the Seminar



Some kihon with Kancho  Nidan Meshan and Shihan helping  Kancho getting down


Kancho explaining  Nidan Meshan  Shihan helping


ready for kumite  taking a break with Shihan  Jennifer and Gerhard


Nidan Meshan and George  Kancho and Shihan watching  back to basics




Training with the senior class



Kancho shows jodan uke  Kancho explains  y


Kancho explains in detail




Talking about Karate-do Virtues and Values



 Kancho talks about Values and Virtues  Kancho talks more about Values and Virtues  Kancho answers questions about Values and Virtues


Kancho explains about Values and Virtues  Listening to Kancho explain about Values and Virtues




and finally, rest time



At last, rest time





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