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Floral Art





In floral art, floral material of all imaginable (and unimaginable) forms is used to create art works which are all too fleeting in nature. For once created, each passing hour works at eroding their splendour till all that is left is faded beauty and pleasant memories.


Yet this reminds us of the transient nature of all things, and confirms that art is the action of creation of the artwork, not the artwork itself. This is especially true of Ikebane, the minimilist Japanese form of flower art.


As the flowers decay to nothing, who can deny their moment of magnificence, and who can deny the art in the hands that worked at presenting them in a special light. We claim no special talents in the field of floral art, but hope to portray with our dabbling, the enthusiasm and respect we have for this floral medium, and the special quality it has (much like bonsai), to take one closer to those special images of nature at its best.



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