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Bonsai - Sadly, water restrictions in the Western Cape of South Africa

have forced us to retreat into survival mode and we are not trading at present.



Hare-Yama Ryu is dedicated to promoting the truest ideals of the noble art of bonsai. We cover every aspect of the art from soils to developed bonsai. We make no compromise in our striving to present bonsai in the best light.



We try to support every aspect of bonsai growing by supplying every bonsai need. We also provide emergency assistance for bonsai in distress and try our best to be available when we are needed.






Coprosma Kirkii1990Wisteria1979


Wisteria Sinensis,
height 460 mm, 1979
Container glazed ceramic

Coprosma Kirkii,
height 100 mm, 1990
Container unglazed ceramic




Info  about Hare-Yama Ryu bonsai

How to Start  - our Hare-Yama Ryu suggestions on this subject

Bonsai Workshops learn more about bonsai

Cyber-en   more bonsai pictures

Small Talk   our bonsai publication

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Our bonsai services include

Bonsai Requirements

The supply of all bonsai requirements such as
, our own Hare-Yama range of soil mixtures for all stages of bonsai development
Containers, a range of over 100 styles, hand crafted at Hare-Yama Ryu
Bonsai food. The Hare-Yama Ryu bonsai feeding programme caters for all the nutrient requirements of bonsai in all stages of development
Ceramic bonsai labels to display your bonsai's main details
Bonsai certificates and record books
Trimming gravel, natural, unchipped gravel to dress soil surfaces in a variety of grades
Presentation aids, stands, Japanese lanterns
First Aid kits to deal with all common bonsai threats from diseases and pests    
Check out our First-Aid Kits
Other bonsai equipment such as wire and tools

Bonsai Services

Holiday care, hospital and emergency care
Trimming, styling, repotting and any other bonsai service requirements

Bonsai Information

on all aspects of bonsai - next workshops
Exhibitions, displays and lectures
Workshop notes on all aspects of bonsai that combine into a comprehensive  manual
Small Talk, the two-monthly Hare-Yama Ryu publication on bonsai news and views
Bonsai books published by Hare-Yama Ryu on specific bonsai subjects


Obviously we also supply bonsai
We divide our bonsai into three ranges
Edo range
young but established bonsai requiring ongoing development
Kyoto range selected bonsai with special potential
Kamakura range collectors bonsai with special characteristics

Bonsai Containers and Accessories

We take a special pride in our containers, that are also divided into the same three ranges
Edo range
our standard range of containers - over 100 styles
Kyoto range selected containers made with that special something
Kamakura range collectors' (one-of-a-kind) containers

More info on containers

Hare-Yama Ryu Bonsai Workshop Programme

Hare-Yama Ryu bonsai workshops are focused on increasing the understanding of the art of bonsai through hands-on workshop sessions.


Workshops comprise a formal information sharing section, followed by or interleaved with work on our, or your bonsai. We end each session with an open clinic where we deal with any queries, or bonsai brought to the workshop for attention of any kind. Attendees are encouraged to bring to the workshops, their own bonsai in whatever stage of development as guidance and assistance will always be available.


Typical Hare-Yama Ryu Bonsai Workshop Programme for the Year


Bonsai Styles Workshop 1                           February

Bonsai Styles Workshop 2                           March

Special Bonsai Techniques                         April

Advanced Bonsai Techniques                     May

Propagation Techniques for Bonsai            June

Success with Gathered Bonsai Material      July

A Balanced Bonsai Collection Workshop    August

Potting and Repottlng                                 September

General Care of Bonsai                              October

Pruning and Trimming Techniques            November


The months given are a general guide. Exact dates will change each year as there are many other variables Involved.


Workshops are usually held on Saturday afternoons from 14h30 to about 17h00 after which we enter the open clinic section where we deal with all queries and requests for assistance.


The workshop fee includes a comprehensive booklet of notes on the specific workshop topic.


Please call Ilse at 021-8516123 for further information or to reserve your place at the workshops. Numbers at our workshops an limited strictly to ensure those attending get the maximum benefit from the proceedings.


Next bonsai workshops at Hare-Yama Ryu

Our workshops continue to follow the work of the seasons,

trying to prepare you for the tasks that need to be done.

Advanced Bonsai Techniques   May

Propagation Techniques for Bonsai   June

Want to find out more about the workshops?


Trees of the Year 2017

Euclea pseudebenus, Ebony tree

Ziziphus mucronata, Buffalo thorn

Visit the

Country Craft Market

Somerset West Country-Craft Market

at Southey's Vines, Main Road, Somerset West

The Country Craft Market



Small Talk


          Extracts from a previous edition of Small Talk





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