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Hare-Yama Ryu seeks to find a place for eastern (and specifically Japanese) arts in our western lifestyles. The best fit happens when these arts are integrated into the everyday things that fill our days, rather than being showcased as something exotic and strange. Perhaps some of our activities will show you how this can be done.









CeramicsTai-Chi Chuan



Inspired by the Helderberg (Hare-Yama) that looms steadfast but ever changing above Somerset West, Hare-Yama Ryu reflects a desire to nurture pure forms of Japanese and other oriental arts which draw their inspiration from the beauty and energy of nature.










Brush and InkSuiseki



The foundation of the philosophy of Hare-Yama Ryu is the belief that man is a part of nature not apart from nature. Although our intellect gives us apparent dominion over our earthly domain, we are nevertheless not exempt from the cause and effect of natural law. Each of our actions will have a reaction. In our arts therefore, our Ryu promotes the integration of knowledge, craft (or technique), and imagination, tempered with respect and integrity.








Japanese GardensFudochi











Floral ArtHaiku


At Hare-Yama Ryu we believe that art in any form requires three essential elements.



Firstly one needs understanding of the elements of the art form

 - this means leading with the mind.


Secondly one needs the technique and craft to bring an artwork into existence

 - this means following with the hands.


Thirdly one needs imagination, insight and intuition; to add a uniqueness and

a new page to the chapter on the art form

 - this means tuning in to one's true nature.

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